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Retro-Fit Variety Panel

Continuous channels and no upright interruptions, this all-steel merchandiser dramatically increases product facings and profit potential. Installation is as easy as attaching appropriate brackets (i.e. Lozier, Madix, or Hussmann) and inserting them into your existing upright unit.

Available in 48” or 36” widths, to match existing fixture uprights.


Variety Panel is an all-steel merchandiser with continuous horizontal channels and no upright interruptions; hooks can be placed over two panel seams! High concentration can dramatically increase product facings by 17 percent or more, which equals increased profit!

To Install: Simply attach the appropriate brackets, and then insert the panel into the existing upright system.
To Use: Hooks fit in without tilting and slide horizontally, allowing merchandising directly under shelves or flexibility in adjusting product without disturbing products.
To Order: Width fits standard 36” or 48” uprights at 6” increment heights. Specify insert bracket style; i.e. Lozier, Hussmann, Madix, etc. in lengths from 2” to 20”. Choose a hook style and length to meet your needs.

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