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Retail Checkout Counters

Provide an upscale look for a store’s high-profit section. This system features adjustable shelving that maximizes the holding power of any display.  The system’s efficiency is complemented by the aesthetic appeal of laminated counter tops, as well a wide range of color choices and accessories. Built to your size and style specifications.


Simple and versatile! Uniweb’s Flex Check-Out systems offer limitless configurations. As your needs change, simply rearrange or provide a single new component without having to reorder the entire counter run.

The versatile free standing modular components include:

  • UL-Listed Modular Wiring.
  • Blank conduit and communication boxes allow for easy communication and data transmission.
  • Uniweb Modular counter units and equipment easily tie in to existing power and plumbing sources.
  • Laminate tops and privacy screens matched to your color scheme.
  • Exterior preferences can include laminate or Uniweb panels for increased display possibilities.
  • Millwork designed to your requirements.
  • Installation is quick and simple.
  • Interchangeable under-counter and fixtures, shelving, and accessories can be easily reconfigured by store personnel!
  • Accessories… Infinite options!

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