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Packing Stations

The complete Uniweb rear panel provides ultimate flexibility now, and in the future. Quality, longevity, flexibility: Uniweb modular and custom counters give you everything you need. Add an adjustable height desk to your packing station for added convenience.


Uniweb provides pre-wired components with unlimited flexibility and modular options. The convenient modular wiring system means your workstation will be up and running in no time, installing with minimal store disruption! Less expensive than conventional shelving, with a faster depreciation. Delivering cost-effective, durable, and aesthetically welcoming solutions since 1970!

The system’s efficiency is complemented by the aesthetic appeal of laminated counter tops, as well a wide range of color choices and privacy screen options.

AND, as your needs change, so can your modular space! Whether you need more space or need to change your operation’s layout, you are not locked into your original design. These dynamic counters, cabinets, shelving and accessories provide unlimited transitions, giving you the freedom to design and equip your space for unsurpassed utility and appearance at an affordable price.

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