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Over the Counter – OTC

OTC (Over the Counter) provides an upscale look for a store’s high-profit section. This system features adjustable shelving that maximizes the holding power of any display. Combine these tight ribbed panels with the extensive array of shelving options for the optimal shopping experience. With Uniweb, your merchandiser will need minimum space while Uniweb delivers maximum display.


Uniweb crafts unique custom-made shelving designed to fit your specific OTC needs. The all-steel back panels consist of continuous horizontal channels, vertically spaced every inch. This allows for greater utilization of the display surface creating unrestricted merchandising or storage space. These back panels are the mainstay component of the perimeter wall panels, center aisles gondolas, end caps, locking display cases and rolling display units. OTC product facings are increased by a minimum of 17 to 25%, and in some cases up to 50%!! This extreme capitalization on space results in greater profits for retailers.

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