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Lok N Roll Secure Cabinets

The unit size when locked is 32” W x 84” H x 20” D. (Other sizes are available.) Uses for this space-saving fixture are only limited to your imagination!

For example, this cabinet can be used for C2 narcotics lock up, HIPAA regulated patient records and CAL file storage, will call, etc. Stock supplies inside and out!


With space at a premium and security always a concern, the Lok ‘n’ Roll Cabinet® provides the solution. The Lok ‘n’ Roll Cabinet provides a secure, flexible, locking cabinet with a Uniweb shape on the exterior, and a sliding bay pull-out housed within. Merchandise in and out! Occupying only 9’sq ft of floor space, when open, the Lok ‘n’ Roll Cabinet increases merchandising capacity by 35%!



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