Weber Showcase began in the early 1900s, founded by Karl A. Weber, and his brother, Fred Weber. Raised in the fixture industry, Karl F. Weber, eventually advanced through the family business, ultimately leading Weber Showcase and Fixture Co. This company was based in Los Angeles for many years.

After selling Weber Showcase in the 1960’s, Karl began creating an innovative alternative product to the commonly used, weak and inefficient pegboard. Karl’s innovation resulted in an all-steel panel with grooves every one-inch, vertically providing endless horizontal merchandising space – the same basic Uniweb shape that we manufacture today.

In 1970, Uniweb was born. Karl Weber shifted from small niche companies, to serve the commercial sector’s growing need for more space and versatility in display merchandising, becoming globally recognized. Karl’s innovative steel panel design quickly revolutionized the merchandising industry. Uniweb’s customer-first philosophy, commitment to innovation, and dedication to quality have proven to be the right ingredients for strong company growth for over 50 Years.



Made exclusively in the United States, Uniweb follows a tradition of providing the highest quality service and products to meet and exceed all applicable requirements. We deliver a display system of incomparable strength and durability that more than exceeds stringent U.L. standards.

Produced in our facility in Corona, California, Uniweb manufactures quality American-made, powder-coated, steel fixtures and components for pharmacy, retail merchandising, industrial, and office spaces. We also produce custom metal finishes, trim strips, décor panels, laminates, wood, wood veneers, drywall facings, decorative metals, glass, tile, awnings, special lighting, signage, and many others. Add these custom design features to Uniweb’s interchangeable components and accessories, and you receive endless options to complete or update your project.

We design and craft the concept for your product in our local facility, then we ship it directly to your location where our install team meets with you onsite to get your project installed and operational.

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