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Desks, Work Stations and Cubicles

Adjustable height desks… Elevate Your Workflow, without Spilling your Coffee!

  • Smooth powered transition from sitting to standing positions and everything in between.  Five preset height settings that adjusts from 28” to 42“ at the touch of a button. Desktop Depths of 25 1/2” to 30”.  Sleek furniture that hides bulky wires and connections.
  • The backsplash options have an extensive selection of workflow accessories available and are designed to your color specification… Available with or without a back splash.  Go ahead. Push the button!
desks: Adjustable Desk Sitting Height

Adjustable Desk Sitting Height

desks: Adjustable Desk Standing Height

Adjustable Desk Standing Height

desks: Adjustable Desk Director Height

Adjustable Desk Director Height







Work Stations

  • The Uniweb workstation is a true multifunctional system that can be custom-built to serve a variety of needs. Each workstation features storage areas both above and below the counter, leaving your workspace roomy and uncluttered.
  • The convenient modular wiring system means your work station will be up and running in no time. The system’s efficiency is complemented by the aesthetic appeal of laminated counter tops, as well a wide range of color choices and privacy screen options

Desk Screens

  • The Uniweb Desk Screen or Privacy Panels offer increased flexibility to the traditional office partition panel. These panels are adaptable to existing workstations or can be incorporated with a new Uniweb workstation.
  • To maximize your Desk Screen please see office list of complementary office work tools.

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desks: Uniweb Work Cubicals desks: Desk Panel (2) desks: Desk Panel desks: Uniweb Office Panels desks: Desk Screen Divider desks: Floating Desk Panel desks: Framed Office Panel desks: Uniweb Work Cubical