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Locking – Retail

The Lok ‘n Roll Cabinet® provides a secure, flexible, locking cabinet with a Uniweb shape on the exterior, and a sliding bay pull-out housed within. Merchandise in and out! Occupying only 9’sq ft of floor space, when open, the Lok ‘n Roll Cabinet® increases merchandising capacity by 35%! The unit size when locked is 32”W x 84”H x 20”D.  Uses for this space saving fixture are only limited to your imagination!

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Locking: Lit C2 Locking Cabinet Locking: Interior Lit C2 Cabinet Locking: Sink Workstation Locking: LokNSee  Locking: Lok N Roll Vision... Let Your Customers View while Product is Secured Inside Locking: Lok N Roll Vision with Spinning Internal Display Locking: 5 Drawer Lock Up Locking: Cabinet with Pull Out Panels      Locking: Red Lok N Roll