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Why Use Uniweb Rx Systems?

Uniweb’s Rx Systems will never rip or tear! Strength and durability are manufactured into every system. Our Pharmacy systems include:

  • Continuous panels with shelving on the back wall
  • Floor spacers between the back and bay decks allow merchandise to be placed behind the pharmacy bays. No unused space at the panel joint or behind the bays.
  • Increased product storage by a minimum of 17 to 25%. In some cases as high as 50%!
  • 16” wide trays (shelves): easy to adjust and move and can be positioned on the panel to accommodate the tallest bottle so there is little or no wasted space.
  • Easy repositioning, no need to remove drugs from the tray.

rx systems: Reposition Shelf with Product In Place rx systems: Use Every Inch of Storage Space! rx systems: OTC Space Maximized!