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Prefabricated Modular Pharmacy

Uniweb manufactures complete pre-engineered modular pharmacies, including locking cabinets, under-counter vials, bins, shelves, doors, counter-tops, sinks, fridges… Countless options and combinations are possible with Uniweb’s Prefabricated Modular Pharmacy.

Since the modular pharmacy has a lower installed cost and is considered tangible property with a seven (7) year depreciation schedule, you benefit from a faster and higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Under present tax laws, typically, every third or fourth room purchased gives you one FREE!

The modular pharmacy solves your pharmacy operations need for adaptability and growth; solves your construction department’s concern for an on-time, on-budget quality build; and your finance team’s concern for low-cost, high ROI on the funds invested in the new or remodeled pharmacy. 

MRX (Modular Pharmacy) installation is simple – walls, ceiling, drop-off and pick-up counters, pharmacist and technician work stations, and sturdy glass fronts and shutters for after hours

  • An entire pharmacy assembles in 2-3 days, depending on square footage of the pharmacy, with minimal store disruption.
  • Pre-wired with UL-Listed Modular Wiring System
  • MRX conveniently ties in to in-store power and plumbing
  • Blank conduit and communication boxes allow for easy communication and data transmission

Once the MRX is in place, efficiency immediately improves.

  • The increased shelving space of our merchandise displays translates to as much 50% more product storage in the same footprint.
  • The system costs much less than conventional drywall construction.
  • Moreover, its seven year depreciation schedule allows for significant tax advantages, an excellent return on investment.

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