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Locking Units – Pharmacy

C2 Locking Cabinets and Other RX Locking Units

Uniweb’s C2 RX locking units offer secure and organized spaces.  Can be used for C2 narcotics lock up, HIPAA regulated patient records and CAL file storage, overstock, will call, etc.  Other uses can be for ammunition lock-up, electronics display and lock up, office management, or any item needing to be secured.

Other locking units include:  Five-Drawer cabinets, Two-Drawer cabinet, under counter drawers, Single Door lock-up, Lok N’ Roll, just to name of few of our secure and elite locking units.

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RX Locking Units: 5 Drawer Locking Cabinet RX Locking Units: Interior Lit C2 Cabinet RX Locking Units: Locking Fill Station RX Locking Units: Locking Millwork OTC Cabinet with Uniweb Back Panel RX Locking Units: Locking OTC Cabinets Feature Uniweb Back Panels RX Locking Units: LokNRoll Fully Merchandised Inside and Out RX Locking Units: Overhead Lockup RX Locking Units: Single Door Lock Up RX Locking Units: Uniweb Locking C2 Cabinet RX Locking Units: C2 Full Size Cabinet with Key Lock RX Locking Units: C2 Half Cabinet - Closed with Electric Lock RX Locking Units: Lok N Roll Painted to Match your Style Needs RX Locking Units: Lok N Roll Vision with Spinning Internal Display RX Locking Units: Lok N Roll Vision... Let Your Customers View while Product is Secured Inside RX Locking Units: Convertible and Locking Freestanding Kiosk