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Like us on Facebook and you could win $50!

‘Tis the season!! Want an extra $25 or even $50 to spend on the holidays?  You know you do! We want to get a few more likes on our page!  Our goal… 200 likes! 

How to get in on the drawing:  You must do TWO THINGS for the contest…

FIRST STEP… The Uniweb Page:  LIKE THE UNIWEB PAGE to help raise the total likes to 200.  If you already liked our page, high-fives, we appreciate that!  Uniweb’s Facebook Page…. Give us a Like!


SECOND STEP… The contest status post:  LIKE or COMMENT and SHARE this contest status post.  (The only way Uniweb can enter your name in the drawing is if your name shows up in the comments, shared or like field.)  Contest Link for Uniweb’s Page!


Encourage your FB Friends and customers to follow those same two steps:  (1) LIKE THE PAGE then (2) LIKE or COMMENT and SHARE the contest status post.  Then your friend will be entered in the drawing as well.


We will have two drawings…

$50 for the first name drawn and $25 for the second name drawn.

 The more people who like the page, the quicker we reach the 200 drawing goal and can deliver the goods to a couple of lucky holiday shoppers!  Everyone who LIKES or COMMENTS and SHARES the contest status post has a chance to win.

We hope you enjoy our updates on new products, trade show schedules, and other fun and informative posts along the way.


 Smile and enjoy the season!


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