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Uniweb manufactures sturdy, multi-purpose accessories for retail applications: shelving, hooks, adapters, plastic bins, retail and office accessories.

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The aluminum Unishelf® Bracket eliminates conventional shelf brackets and is designed to hold shelving made of glass, wood, or other material on Uniweb panels. The brackets grip the entire width of the shelf, resulting in a stronger shelving or valance support. Installation and repositioning of the shelf is effortless. 

Unishelf Bracket

Heavy Duty Unishelf®
The Heavy Duty Unishelf® Bracket is designed for conditions requiring additional capacity and strength.

Heavy Duty Unishelf

Slatwall Unishelf®
Uniweb created the elite Slatwall Unishelf® Brackets to fit existing slatwall systems. Slatwall Unishelf® will accommodate the following thickness: 1/4”, 3/8”, or 13/16”

Slatwall Unishelf Bracket

Low Profile (LP) Shelf
Uniweb created this durable, all-steel reinforced shelf, to meet all your heavy duty merchandising challenges.

Low Profile Shelf

Light Duty Reversible Shelf:  An adaptable and efficient shelf delivering a straight 90 degree surface in one position and becoming a 30 degree down slope when rotated.

Reversible Tray  Reversible Shelf at 90 deg  Reversible Shelf at 60 deg

Thin Line Shelf:   The world’s thinnest shelf is strong enough for books, but can be used for a variety of merchandise products.

Thinline Shelf

Metal Shelf W/ lip up or down
15”D or 11-3/8”D.  Cut to your width specifications

90 deg shelf with lip down   90 deg shelf with lip up

Printer Pull Out Shelf       LCD Shelf 16″w x 9″ D               Phone Shelf

Printer Pull Out Shelf          LCD Shelf 16"w x 9" D x 5 1/2"H with 3" down lip     Phone Shelf


RX Tray Standard 16″W x 7″D

Standard RX Tray 16"W x 7"D    Standard PharmacyTray 16"W x 7"D White




Medium Duty Ball End Hook
(7 gauge wire)-Sold in boxes of 100.  Available in 4”, 6”, 8″, 10”, and 12”.

Medium Duty Hook


Heavy Duty Hook
(3 gauge wire)-Sold in boxes of 100.  Available in 6”, 8″, 10” and 12”.

Heavy Duty Hook - 3 Gauge


Scan Hook and Heavy Duty Scan Hooks
(7 gauge wire or 3 gauge wire)-Sold in boxes of 100

Available in:  4” (5-1/4″ overall length)   6” (8-1/4″ overall length)   8″ (10-1/4″ overall length)   10” (12-1/4″ overall length)

Medium Duty Scanner Hook


Scan Hook Face Extrusion
Included with Scan Hooks.  Available in 2”W x 1-1/4”H.  Custom lengths available upon request.

Scanner Hook with Extrusion


Medium Duty Safety Hook
(7 gauge wire)-Sold in boxes of 100.  Available in 2”, 4”, 6”, 8″, and 10”.

Medium Duty Safety Hook


Scanner Overlay
Sold in boxes of 100.  Available in 4”, 6”, 8″, 10” and 12” lengths.  Installation is simple and the tag does not interfere with the display or accessibility of the product.

Plastic Overlay (shown with Safety Hook)

Hang Bar Rails
Designed to hold will call bags for pharmacy applications.  Available in 32″ and 48” lengths.  Custom lengths available upon request.

Hang Bar Rail




Adapters and base plates allow you to adapt other manufacturer’s accessories.

 1'' Baseplate with Hole (1)  1'' Baseplate (3)   2'' Baseplate
          1” Base Plate w/ hole           1” Base Plate                  2” Base Plate 

4'' Baseplate  1" Basket Hook        Cosmetic "T" Adapter

    4″ Base Plate                          1” Basket Hook                    “T” Adapter     





Fit directly on Uniweb panels. They save space time and effort while organizing inventories.

Available in a variety of colors. Sold in case quantities only.

Akro Bin





Provide full flexibility of merchandising virtually any type of product on a Uniweb panel.
Adjustable Hangbar Bracket / Face-Outs and Cascades.  Can be laser cut custom made!

12in J Hook Straight Face-Out             12in Straight Face-Out
12″ ‘J’ Hook Cascade                    12″ Straight Faceout
12in Ball Stop Cascade             12in J Hook Cascade

12″ Ball Stop Cascade        12″ ‘J’ Hook Cascade

10'' Face Out                                         Jewelry Mini Hanger 3''

Jewelry Hanger 10”W x 4-1/2”D              Jewelry Finger 1-2”W x 2-1/2”D   


10'' Face Out

Jewelry Face-Out 6”D



Provide full flexibility of merchandising virtually any type of product on a Uniweb panel.


White Board Tack Panel Bulletin Board Strip   Shelf - Stapler  ScriptNote Cascade Holder Pencil Cup Note Holder Note Holder Script Box 6x5  Letter Tray LCD Arm Folder Cascade Holder Extender Magazine Book HolderDouble Dish Supply Tray 10'' W x 4'' D