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Consultation Rooms: Convenience and Function



Why Uniweb? Well let’s consider the function of  Consultation/Immunization Rooms.

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Does Uniweb provide rooms with…

Convenience and Ease of Access: With Uniweb’s portable and flexible design, store designers can install the room virtually anywhere. Our ADA compliant entries will accommodate all users of the space. The consult room can be placed near the check-out station for easy access for transactions, procedures or conversations between patients and pharmacy staff.

Privacy and Comfort: Uniweb crafts a welcoming ambiance with the use of privacy glass doors and panels to create a warm and inviting setting. Allowing for natural light keeps the room comfortable. Combine this with sound absorbing décor fabric panels to maintain patient confidentially.

Optimal Layouts:  Uniweb manufactures rooms based on your size and configuration specifications which will fit into your current layout. Create an ADA assessable alcove to allow seating for the pharmacist, the patient and their care giver or guardian.

Premium Custom Décor and Finishes:  Many design possibilities are available; custom metal finishes, trim strips, décor panels, laminates, wood and wood veneers, decorative metals, glass, tile, awnings, special lighting, signage, and much more! Uniweb works with your staff and architects to design the room’s exterior and interior to meet your company’s specific aesthetic requirements, including surface options, materials, colors and finishes to coordinate with your current store’s interior. Together, they help to create a complimentary and inviting climate for the customers and staff to enjoy.

Support equipment:  Uniweb FLEX Modular Counter Systems provide an integrated and accommodating clutter-free functional workstations engineered and tailored to meet your specific needs. With adjustable height desks, optional Uniweb paneled shelving sides, an array of storage above and below the consult desk, and infinite accessories, the area will keep your team organized and supplies conveniently within reach, allowing for maximum workflow!

Does your fixture supplier do all this? You’d better double check!

The ultimate beauty of Uniweb’s craftsmanshipAdaptable, Portable and Flexible…

 As your needs change, so can your consult room! Whether you need more space or need to change your operation’s layout, you are not locked into your original design. These dynamic rooms allow the freedom to design and equip your area for unsurpassed utility and appearance at an affordable price.

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